Original Feria and Spanish Travel posters 1910-1960

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This, I believe, is the largest collection of significant original Feria posters offered for sale in the UK. Also for sale a range of other prints, Tourism and Travel posters, Flamenco related posters, Flamenco kitsch and ephemera. I have collected for over 20 years; I do not sell reproductions or reprints.

Cordoba, Malaga, Jerez-stunning original feria posters

Cordoba, Malaga, Jerez-stunning original feria posters

Whilst the Sevilla feria posters are probably the best known and most... 

Iconic Feria de Sevilla posters

Iconic Feria de Sevilla posters

The most sought after of all the Feria posters due to the... 

Original Spanish Travel posters 1948-1960

Original Spanish Travel posters 1948-1960

Large official Spanish Travel posters commissioned by the Spanish Tourism Authority in... 

How I describe and assess the condition of posters.

Posters as graded as follows.

1- excellent condition. The poster shows strong unfaded colour and no significant defects save the minor time toning and minor handling wear you would expext from a poster 50 to 100 years old.

2-very good. The poster will show strong colour and any defects to margins etc will be minor and have no significant visual impact.

3-good. A presentable poster of good colour. Any restorations to fold lines etc may be visible but not visually intrusive. May show repaired and restored tears or minor paper losses.

4-fair. Perhaps somewhat faded or showing significant defects or visible repaired tears or paper losses.

5-poor. A poster showing significant paper losses or other visible damage. May be stuck down on paper or other support. Likely to show a range of visible defects.

  • Some more thoughts about the 'condition debate'

    The function of these posters, often originally produced in quite large numbers, was to spread the word, to advertise and create interest. Most will have been displayed at some stage, perhaps evidenced by pinholes at the corners. Most were printed on rather poor quality paper and few were well stored. This has resulted in an extreme scarcity of the good feria posters. I invite you not to get too caught up in the quest for a poster in perfect condition. Do we expect to see pristine perfection in an old piece of furniture? no; patina and honest wear, the passing of time all contribute to giving atmosphere and 'soul' to an object. For me the questions are; is the poster presentable and a pleasure to look at? Are any defects genuinely significant?

  • Original Feria Posters; some background.

    Anyone who has travelled in Andalucia will likely have seen numerous reproductions of the great Feria posters on postcards, glossy repro posters, t shirts, beer mats and fridge magnets. Original posters, however, are much harder to find; widely collected and sought after, highly prized and highly priced! These images have become absorbed into the cultural identity of Andalucia, they are iconic markers of time and place.

    Despite being produced in large numbers back in the day relatively few have survived....heat, light mould, poor storage, poor quality paper etc have all contributed to the widespread loss of these posters.

  • Some more thoughts on Feria posters

    These posters were not made with longevity in mind; they were designed to convey a message, to advertise an event. Few have survived- especially in the larger formats-in good condition.

    Who buys these posters? Collectors, interior designers, holiday home owners!, Tapas and wine bars, cafes and restaurants. They have a wide appeal to lovers of the graphic arts and design, to lovers of Spain and Spanish culture and to Flamenco enthusiasts. These original posters have a unique atmosphere and soul quite simply not possessed by cheap repros,

  • Ordering, packing and payment

    This site goes live in March 2022, in the first months the e-commerce facility will not be operating; purchases will be made via direct contact with me chrisealand@yahoo.co.uk I am happy to answer phone enquiries 12 noon to 6pm on 07708454916. Except where posters are described as being in excellent or very good condition you may wish to obtain a condition report from me detailing condition issues. Payment by bank transfer or paypal. I ship posters carefully rolled and protected in tissue within a strong tube. I take packing seriously! UK items are sent post free and fully insured for purchases over £500.

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